Anne R. Meltzer, CPA/ABV, ASA

Founder & Managing Director
Direct: 410-779-9439
Mobile: 410-804-4382

Donni Engelhart, CFA, ASA, CVA

Managing Director
Direct: 410-779-9428

Theresa (Terri) M. Higgins, CPA/ABV, CVA

Senior Manager
Direct: 410-779-9445
Mobile: 410-353-3435

Jacob Inners, CVA

Senior Manager
Direct: 717-885-9166
Mobile: 717-880-1216

Aaron Wolf, CVA

Senior Manager
Direct: 410-779-9443
Mobile: 310-422-4012

Jenifer Flynn, JD, CPA, CVA

Senior Manager
Direct: 301-798-5124
Mobile: 301-580-7277

Randy Harris, CVA

Senior Analyst
Direct: 443-808-0832

S.G. Brooke Tucker, ASA

In Memoriam 1950 – 2016

A co-founder of Tucker & Meltzer Valuation Advisors, Brooke Tucker distinguished himself as an extraordinary business advisor over the course of decades.

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